Friday, 21 March 2008

Page 12, Plate 2


Craig Conlan said...

Lovely work, wds! A selection of vegetables comes to the rescue! Hooray for the runner bean pea pod people! Will we see what Finch looks like finally? Can we save the universe (and a murder) in 12 pages?

mrphoenix said...

If not 12, then maybe 18?

NP said...

Sorry, got a tad over-excited there.
18 pages?? Why doesit ever have to end? As we old codgers drop off the other end, bright young sparks can be drafted in to carry on... like the Forth Bridge or Coronation street... no?
18 pages it is, then.

D.TAYLOR said...

I say we just keep going, why do we have to solve a crime in 22 pages? I'm in this for the long haul!
Great Plate WP!

Gary Fitzgerald said...

isn't the murder a maguffin at this point?
keep going..