Monday, 3 March 2008


by I.N.J. Culbard


D.TAYLOR said...

I can feel the ground rummble!
Great stuff Ian!
Can I call HUZZAH for Colin? Would that be bureaucraticly acceptable?!

Colin Fawcett said...

Not to worry I HUZZAH it myself!

Craig Conlan said...

Don't the square speech bubbles denote an alien speaking? So Trill is an alien? Or is he? Or is that someone else in the Observatory and he's looking on? I'm confused!

I'll get my coat.

Glad to have you back, Colin. I'm sure you know all the answers.

I'm sure somewhere Zoctarian means something filthy. I'd be very dissappointed if it didn't.

Craig Conlan said...

I'm sure all will be revealed, if not by Colin, then another inmate of our asylum.

Sometimes I realise I am getting a bit too involved in this, so apologies if I'm coming across as a pedantic nerd. I always have a backstory in my head for Round Robin, which of course shifts and changes every day or so when a new plate is added. Am I the only one or am I mental? It's the way my head works. Anyway, it has helped me get excited about creating comics again, which is great.

It's nice to see Trill getting out of the house, anyway. I'm not sure all that time cooped up in an electric blue room can have done him any good.

D.TAYLOR said...

Don't worry Craig, you're not alone!

Craig Conlan said...

Oh dear, I never intended to cause a kerfuffle! I'm Jim Shooter and Mort Weisinger rolled into one!

Nice to know I'm not he only mental!

Yeah, i did think the square balloons were denoting 'zoctarnian' language. If you look at those smiley speech balloons on the suits of armour from two worlds colliding on my page 004 plate, you can see as much. (What a bizarre sentence that was)

Anyway, great panel, looking forward to Colin's, and I noticed those resourceful creature constabulary have also showed up. Yay, as the young folk say.

mrphoenix said...

I also have a scenario that constantly updates/adjusts with each new plate. It will be interesting at the end to compare notes and see how similar we all were.
I like the horizontal panels, first time (but not the last, I feel) for those!

But how would the Creature Constabulary have gotten into the car, when the two women left the scene minutes before Captain Noah was teleported away? The elephant can be seen in the hand of Ms Boozehound, inside and some distance from where the car would have to be driving away...